ESR spreader rollers

    The unique, newly patented EcoStretchRoll (ESR) is a new type of rubber roller with special benefits. Numerous individual spreading elements in the form of rubber rings are installed on high-quality guiding rolls. Web spreading - from the center out - works equally well in either rotating direction. Thanks to its simple installation, the ESR spreader roller can be used immediately. Advantages at a glance:

    • strong spreading capacity
    • large contact surface
    • marking-free
    • nearly wear-free
    • cost-efficient
    • FDA compliant
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    Web spreading for many applications

    The new spreader rollers by HESSENBRUCH Spreading Technology avoid wrinkles at a broad range of speeds, materials and lane tensions. For plastic film or aluminium foil as well as for paper, nonwovens or textiles. The positive properties of existing web spreading methods such as brush rollers or rubber rollers have been combined and improved further in the innovative ESR spreader roller. ESR rolls can be used as an idler roll, a bow roller or a guide roller - with excellent spreading properties.

    The roll works like a vibration-dampening guidance roller with perfect spreading properties. Our cost-efficient, rubber-coated transport rollers make web handling very easy. Thus they are an outstanding alternative for existing systems. They can be used in any position, e.g. to replace a banana roller or guiding roller, in a turning bar system or before a tensioning shaft in a winding station.

    Films & Foils

    The ESR spreader rollers are suitable for any film type from 4 μm upwards – both for single-layer films and for multiple-layer films or, e.g., Biax PETP films.


    Fleeces from the nonwovens industry can be spread outstandingly well due to the unique properties of the ESR system.


    The ESR ensures a perfect spreading result for all kinds of textiles.


    Paper can be spread particularly gently due to the large smooth contact surface made of EPDM or silicone.

    Advantages of the ESR spreader roller

    Working principle

    The ESR spreader roller has specially shaped, patented spreading rings with 20 to 40 individual spreader elements that work completely independent of each other.

    Contact surface

    The large, smooth, slightly curved contact surfaces of the roller do spread particularly early and gently, without any markings.

    Wrap angle

    The roller offers full function at wrap angles between 8 to 180 degrees and spreads equally well in both rotating direction.

    Web tensions

    Absolute wrinkle-freeness between 40 and 500 N per metre of roller length.

    Web thickness

    The roller is suitable for any material thickness >4 µm and >10 g/m².

    Multiple cuts

    The spreading behaviour can be precisely adjusted across the entire roller width by partial insertion of areas with reduced spreading functionality.

    Turning bar system

    ESR spreader rollers smooth perfectly - even under the special conditions in a turning bar system.

    Line speed

    This guide roller permits secure spreading at line speeds of up to 800 metres per minute. The roller runs perfectly calm while working.

    Material properties

    The properties of the materials EPDM, TPE or silicone are suitable for many different areas of use.


    The individual spreading elements are available in 4 diameters, 2 layouts and 3 materials. Length according to individual customer requirements, max. 7000 mm

    Roller body

    The EconomicRoll® from DRECKSHAGE. Lightweight aluminum profile tube with special geometry for high bending strength. Fast reaction due to starting weights from 20 g with low mass inertia.


    The ESR roller is supplied ready for installation according to customer specifications. The roller does not need a separate drive, which makes it ready for operation at once.